The best of Miami-Dade: Top elementary schools

By James McClister, Miami Agent Magazine

Good schools are a grace to real estate agents, because every home buyer with kids wants to be near one, and many are willing to pay a premium for the convenience. DOWNTOWN DORAL CHARTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL scores an 85.


In Miami-Dade County alone there are over 400 elementary, middle, high and combination schools. Some are good, some are okay, and the rest probably aren’t going to help you sell a neighborhood.

We’ve combed through pages of rating data from Florida’s Department of Education, and in a multi-part series, we’ll be publishing the county’s top 100 elementary schools as well as the top 50 middle schools, high schools and combination schools.

For the first part of our series, we give you Miami-Dade’s best elementary schools, starting with Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School, which received strong marks in English and mathematics achievement.