Jeannette Acevedo-Isenberg: Captains multi-lingual Downtown Doral charter school

By Camila Cepero, Miami Today

Jeannette Acevedo-Isenberg serves as head of Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School. Opened in August 2015, the school includes a much sought-after Spanish and Portuguese language program.

How schools, trains and concerts are building up Miami’s neighborhoods

By Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald

“Our business is real estate, not education,” Codina said. “We don’t make a penny off the school. We just wanted it to be great, because the better it is, the more people would want to live in this community.”

Q&A: The Rise of Urbanization

By IvyLee Rosario, Multi-Housing News

The trend of these “mini cities” is increasing in popularity and Multi-Housing News sat down with Ana-Marie Codina Barlick, CEO of Codina Partners, to discuss this growing trend of urbanization, the company’s newest project Downtown Doral in Miami, the benefits of the live-work-play community and how these developments will affect the future of the multifamily industry.

Doral had no downtown for nearly 15 years. Now it has two.

By Andres Viglucci, Miami Herald

The first, which made its debut at the end of last year, is the initial phase of Downtown Doral, a meticulously planned town-within-a-city that puts residents in traditional, walkable proximity to main-street shops and dining, a supermarket, school, offices, a park and green spaces, not to mention the civically resplendent Doral City Hall.

South Florida developers are putting the ‘urban’ in suburban living

By Nicole Martinez, Crain's Miami

Likely one of the most widely publicized major mixed-use developments in Miami today, Downtown Doral is being lauded as a game-changer for the heavily industrial area.

Bulla opens in Downtown Doral

By Lisa Petrillo, CBS Miami

“Bulla is a Spanish concept Mediterranean cuisine. I think the unique thing here is you get the energy when you step inside,” said Executive Chef Miguel Rebolledo.

Publisher’s Pick: Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market

By Becky Randel, South Florida Luxury Guide

What seemed an unlikely vision just a few years back has finally come to fruition: Downtown Doral is now a go-to destination for some of the hottest new dinning establishments in the city.

From Suburban Office Park to a New Downtown in Florida

By Will Macht, Urban Land Magazine

As single-use suburban office parks across the nation suffer increasing vacancies, developers have begun to acquire and transform them into mixed-use centers.

Doral flips the script…

By Joseph A. Mann Jr., The Real Deal

Mixed-use communities worth billions of dollars are planned for the new city adjacent to Miami International Airport

The best of Miami-Dade: Top elementary schools

By James McClister, Miami Agent Magazine

DOWNTOWN DORAL CHARTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL scores an 85 taking the number 1 spot on the list of Top Elementary Schools.