Besides the leadership and invaluable insight provided by top management, Codina Partners boasts a remarkable and well-seasoned staff. The company is extremely proud of its talent—some of the finest professionals and most experienced real estate experts in South Florida.

At Codina Partners, our commitment to deliver the best customer experience will always go beyond your expectations. It can be a resident moving into a new home; a well-respected, multinational corporation acquiring a state-of-the-art, brand-new building; a medium-size company, just relocated from another state, buying a large section of commercial property and making South Florida their new home; or even an entrepreneur leasing a modest, mix-use space to get a small business started. The expertise of our award-winning team of professionals is evident in every aspect of the customer experience—no matter how small or large.

We are fortunate to house a management team that is among the best in the local industry, and thanks to their dedication Codina Partners has become one of the fastest growing builders in South Florida. All staff members are responsible for establishing and implementing practices that reduce the gap between promise and performance, always in search of 100 percent customer satisfaction.