June 14, 2022

Bachour Restaurant Wins Michelin Guides’ 2022 Bib Gourmand Award

The Michelin Guide is known for publicizing some of the most incredible culinary experiences you will find anywhere. It is also the organization that gives the coveted Michelin Stars—the standard by which chefs and their restaurants enter the global culinary elite.

Food is so much more than complex recipes using the finest ingredients that are artfully presented in multiple courses. In its basic form, it is all about the flavor. While there are select restaurants that turn the culinary experience into a true artform that engages virtually all the senses, there are those that offer an incredible experience at an incredible value. Although the most unique, and often pricey experiences found at select restaurants across the globe earn the coveted Michelin Star, there are those that win the prestigious Bib Gourmand Award from The Michelin Guide.

This entre class of restaurants carved out by the Guide helps bring special recognition to those that offer a high-quality culinary experience at a good value. This year, Antonio Bachour and his restaurant, Bachour, have now added this incredible accolade to a long list of achievements within the industry.

Food is at the heart of Downtown Doral. Our specially curated selection of restaurants and eateries is designed to provide locals and visitors alike with a diverse set of palette-exciting experiences, and we are proud to have the 2022 Bib Gourmand Award recipient, Bachour, as a unique part of the good quality, good value dining venues we offer to all who come to Downtown Doral.

We invite you to visit any one of our amazing restaurants and immerse your palette in a variety of flavors inspired by cultures from around the world.