October 3, 2022


Downtown Doral

Downtown Doral Announces First-Ever Dias De Los Muertos Festival

Looking for a vibrant, colorful, and not-so-spooky celebration that offers family-friendly fun for everyone?

Be sure not to miss Downtown Doral’s first annual Dias De Los Muertos Festival! Starting October 26th, visitors from across South Florida and beyond will have the opportunity to meet “Flora”, a six-foot-tall skull made entirely of flowers. Flora is here for our Dia De Los Muertos Grand Celebration, which will take place on Saturday, October 29th from 3pm to 6pm at The Plaza in Downtown Doral in front of Sports Grill. She will be on display for the public from October 26th through November 2nd.

At the celebration, children and adults will be able to enjoy live music, interact and take photos with live Catrinas and Catrins that will be walking up and down Main Street. They, along with our restaurants, will be handing out delicious candy and treats.

For those who have a competitive side, come dressed as a Cartin or Catrina and enter to win our contest looking for the best-dressed Catrin, Catrina, Catrinito and Catrinita. For the adult winners, they will receive a $100 gift card to the Downtown Doral restaurant of their choice. For the winning Catrinito and Catrinita there will be wonderful, Dia De Los Muertos inspired prizes.

For those looking to dine at our restaurants, special treats and offerings await you. Be sure to not miss Flora, because she goes back home on November 2nd!

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Dias De Lost Muertos Grand Celebration