February 22, 2024


Downtown Doral

Downtown Doral Charter Upper School Dolphins Secure Victory in Florida State Semi-Finals

In a thrilling showdown at the Florida High School Athletic Association’s Class 3A semi-finals, the Downtown Doral Charter Upper School Dolphins emerged triumphant against their formidable opponents from Tallahassee Maclay School. The game, held at the Auburndale Athletic Complex, saw an intense clash of skills and strategies, culminating in a resounding 4-2 victory for the Dolphins.

The journey to victory was anything but easy. The match started off at a slow pace, with both teams fiercely contesting every inch of the field. However, the momentum shifted dramatically when 10th grader Santiago Ramos seized an opportune moment and scored the first goal for Downtown Doral Charter Upper School with a brilliant free kick. Ramos’s goal ignited a fire within the team, inspiring them to push even harder towards success.

Building upon Ramos’s momentum, Andres de Jesus swiftly followed up with a well-executed goal of his own, further bolstering the Dolphins’ lead. However, the defining moments of the game came with the exceptional performance of Nicolas Sulbaran, who showcased his prowess by scoring the third and fourth goals, solidifying the team’s path to victory.

The Dolphins’ remarkable display of skill and determination garnered widespread support from their school community. Two fan buses filled to the brim with parents, teachers, students, and staff from Downtown Doral Charter Upper School made the journey to the Auburndale Athletic Complex to cheer on their beloved team. A hundred fervent fans, united in their passion for their school and its athletic endeavors, lent their unwavering support, creating an electrifying atmosphere that spurred the team forward.

With this significant triumph, Downtown Doral Charter Upper School now sets its sights on the ultimate prize: the State Finals. In a showdown that promises to be nothing short of thrilling, the Dolphins will face off against Tampa Prep at the same venue, the Auburndale Athletic Complex, on Saturday, February 24th, at 1:00 PM. As anticipation mounts and excitement fills the air, the Downtown Doral Charter Upper School community stands united in solidarity, rallying behind their team as they strive for glory on the grandest stage of high school soccer in Florida.