July 13, 2022


Downtown Doral

Downtown Doral’s Masters of Mixology Competition To Be Held July 24th to July 30th!

Have a drink, then have your say! For the first time ever, six Downtown Doral restaurants will offer up their best signature cocktail and compete for your vote. Visit any of the restaurants below, and sample the drink they have entered into the competition. Once you have tried all six, be sure to give your vote to the cocktails you felt expressed a true mastery of mixology! Will the 2022 winner be…

Visit any or all of these restaurants between Sunday, July 24th and Saturday, July 30th, order their competing cocktail, and then be ready to cast your vote! With your drink you will receive a QR code you can scan to easily enter the voting system, and submit your selections. Be sure to visit as many participating restaurants as you can, and give your vote to each cocktail you feel should have a chance at winning before 10PM on Saturday, July 30th!

Be sure to follow @downtowndorallife on Instagram, where we will unveil the winning cocktail on July 31st!