September 13, 2022


Downtown Doral

Families From DDCES Made A Difference Around The World With Carmela’s Heart

This past May, the families of Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School came together to host their annual World Fair—an event focused on expanding the knowledge and appreciation of other cultures. In addition to learning, students engage in fundraising by transforming each of their classrooms into a different country. Within their classrooms, students create items that they can then sell to their peers representing different countries at other classrooms throughout the school.

All funds generated by the event were donated to Carmela’s Heart, a not-for-profit that seeks to improve the welfare, and education, of those in underdeveloped countries. As a result of the funds generated by the World Fair held by Downtown Doral Charter Schools, Carmela’s Heart was able to provide 220 children in Malawi, Africa with an education for a whole year at Carmela’s Kitchen—a small kitchen located in a school within rural Malawi.

In addition, Carmela’s Kitchen was able to provide much needed aid to the Fundación Alejandra Avedaño in Venezuela. The funding provided to the foundation will help them in their mission to provide free, life-preserving care to impoverished children suffering from cancer and other diseases.

The World Fair at DDCES showed a world of care, and the event demonstrated to students, parents, and teachers alike that everyone has the ability to make a difference, and be the difference. Their collective actions had an impact that will forever be with the children in these countries.

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