May 10, 2024

FreshCo Makes News With Top Spot on Yelp! National Seafood List

FreshCo Fish Market & Grill, a culinary sensation born from Key West roots, is set to make a grand entrance into Downtown Doral following its meteoric rise to success. This family-owned establishment is so popular, that it recently caught the attention of Local10News, earning a special segment on the network—primarily because of the restaurant landing one of the top spots on Yelp!’s Top Seafood list. The restaurant hooked spot 13 on the list and was the only restaurant in South Florida to make the cut.

Since its inception in 2018, FreshCo Fish Market & Grill has been a testament to passion and family values, led by Key West native Mario Palazon. With Palazon’s daughters, wife, and son actively involved in the business, FreshCo Fish Market & Grill is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary legacy.


Palazon attributes the restaurant’s success to its unwavering commitment to quality. “The quality is what I think by far keeps them coming back. They know they’re getting fresh fish off the boats every day,” he remarked. This dedication to freshness has not only cultivated a loyal following but has also propelled FreshCo Fish Market & Grill to this prestigious rank Yelp!’s coveted annual list of top 100 seafood restaurants.

FreshCo Fish Market & Grill sets itself apart with its innovative concept of combining a market and restaurant under one roof. Patrons can choose to either take out fresh seafood or dine in and watch as their meal is expertly prepared before their eyes. “You’re seeing the fish that you’re going to order. There is nothing hidden, nothing frozen. You’re able to see and get your food cooked right before your eyes,” Palazon explained.

The menu boasts a tantalizing array of classic seafood dishes infused with a South Florida twist, embodying the vibrant culinary culture of Miami. “I cannot stress to you the fact that we probably have the freshest seafood in Miami, and you will get hooked. That is why our motto is ‘I got hooked at FreshCo,'” Palazon proudly declared.

Now, FreshCo Fish Market & Grill is ready to extend its Key West-inspired flavors to Downtown Doral with a new location slated to open this summer. This expansion into Downtown Doral will consist of a space that is more than twice the size of their flagship location and will offer a relaxed Key West vibe. “I want to transport our patrons to Key West, right here in Downtown Doral,” said Palazon. With an anticipated opening date, Downtown Doral residents and visitors can soon savor the same fresh and flavorful dishes that have made FreshCo Fish Market & Grill a beloved staple in Kendall.