August 31, 2022


Downtown Doral

Spiked Rich, The Popular Nitrogen Ice Cream Parlor, Officially Opens in Downtown Doral

If you’re a dessert fan, Spiked Rich in Downtown Doral is going to be your new sweet spot! Their unique process brings together the freshest and creamiest ice cream and creative designs—flash freezing the cream using liquid nitrogen. Whichever item you order, you’ll regret not turning it into an Instagram-worthy photo session before enjoying the savory goodness and incredible freshness of the ice cream.

Patrons have the opportunity to purchase either alcohol-infused creations, which means extra fun for those over the age of 21, or choose from a whole array of colorful and creative, alcohol-free ice cream sundaes and milkshakes. You can check out their many flavors on their website,

Have a creative side? You can come up with your own unique sweet treat by combining a whole array of ingredients and come up with your own signature dessert!

Downtown Doral offers so many unique places to indulge your palette, and now you have the perfect place to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience finishing off your dinner with creative desserts—and hopefully with some great company—because who doesn’t love closing out your meal with something (and someone) sweet!